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FPTV offers comprehensive video education classes including project planning, camera operation, audio operation, studio production, and editing.

Materiales de Clase

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Materiales de clase en Español

Project Planning

Intro to Content Creation

This class serves as a great start to any media project. We provide an overview of the whole process of producing your project.


Advanced Content Creation

Considering making a short film or TV series? Advanced content creation can help you cover more in-depth details needed for a successful production.


Basic Field

The Basic Field Production Class is designed to teach you how to use the Fayetteville Television Center’s basic field production equipment. Topics covered include field camera and tripod operation, shot composition, setting up field audio, and basic shooting techniques, along with hands-on experience.


Advanced Field

The Advanced Field Production Class is designed to give students in-depth training on concepts and advanced techniques of field production. Topics covered include lens techniques, camera movement, shot composition, lighting for video, field audio, tips and tricks, and more.


Advanced Field Accessories

Advanced Field Accessories covers the setup and teardown process of the additional Field Equipment that is available at Fayetteville Public Television. The Advanced Field accessories that are covered are: the camera slider, the camera jib, and the cinema lighting equipment.


GoPro Videography

We cover all of the major functionalities of the GoPro like 4k recording, adjusting frame rates and picking correct focal lengths. The GoPros are ideal for run-and-gun shooting, vlogging or simply documenting an event from a first person perspective.


Cinematic Field

Cinematic Field is the final field class that is offered by Fayetteville Public Television. Cinematic composition, depth of field and techniques are covered in this class, and a thorough understanding of camera ISO, Shutter Speed and aperture are required.


Podcast Booth Operation

This class covers the basics of podcast recording and going live in the FPTV podcast booth.


Basic Editing

This class is designed to begin familiarizing producers with Blackmagic Design’s editing software, Davinci Resolve.


Advanced Editing

This class covers the basics of organizing footage, rearranging and customizing work spaces, and exporting in Premiere Pro


Advanced Motion Graphics

This class teaches the producer the basics of animating different objects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The student learns the concept of keyframes and how they work and interact across platforms. Ultimately, the student should walk out of this class with the ability to competently animate objects and text in different ways.


Advanced Color Correction

FPTV's color Correction class is an extension of it's Advanced Editing and Advanced Motion Graphics class. This class is taught in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and discusses the capabilities that Premiere's Lumetri Color panel offer the user.


Studio Camera

In this class you will learn to operate the studio cameras, correctly compose shots, and execute basic camera movements.


Studio Lighting

In this class you will learn lighting concepts, how to use our studio lights, and how to properly light a set in the studio.


Technical Directing

This class is designed to prepare and qualify you to act as the Technical Director on programs produced in the Fayetteville Public Access Television studio.


Studio Audio

In this class you will learn how to operate the studio audio equipment. This will include hands-on training with the mixing board, setting up microphones, and proper audio equipment management and maintenance.


Studio Graphics

In this class you will learn to operate the studio graphics computer to create graphics and insert them into studio productions.


Advanced Studio

Classes on advanced studio techniques are available after taking the basic classes.

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