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Dan Robinson has lived in Fayetteville since 2002, and served on the Your Media board in 2011. He was hired as the Executive Director in 2012. In his role as Executive Director, Dan has connected Your Media with a wide variety of regional nonprofit clients providing them video production and education services. In his role as Operational Manager of FPTV, Dan has overseen the operation through years of growth and development. Dan specializes in cultivating and facilitating creativity, as well as leading and serving production teams in a wide variety of media applications.

Wai-Kay Carenbauer is the Director of Education at Fayetteville Public Television.  He graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BA in Broadcast Journalism before pursuing an Audio Technology diploma at SAE Institute in New York.  He has worked in Post Production studios in New York and Philadelphia recording and mixing music and doing sound design for commercials before pivoting in favor of teaching and becoming a Lab Instructor at SAE Institute in New York.  He taught Studio Recording at NWACC and UA Little Rock and was the Operations Manager and Audio/Video Engineer of Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall in Little Rock recording all audio and video for speakers and performers.  Additionally, he worked with Film Gear Rentals as a Production Sound Mixer and grip.

Flint Woods has been working for Fayetteville Public Television for over a decade. As the Tech Director for the operation, Flint oversees the channel programming, and serves as our staff editing and VFX expert. Flint has extensive skills in web design, content management, and editing on multiple platforms. Flint serves as the editor of FPTV internal content, and has been the editor for the multi-award winning FPTV production Later with Jason Suel. Flint’s abilities have benefited both the FPTV productions and the production community, as he is an expert in all the tricks available to “fix it in post”.

Social media coordinator, actor, and producer, Blaire V. Hastings, is passionate about creating positive experiences for FPTV audiences and producers. She has assisted our production community and participants with celebrating their work on social media. In addition, Blaire enjoys producing multiple shows. Over the years, Blaire has acquired extensive experience with networking, marketing, graphic design, and video editing. Blaire has a sincere commitment to provide artists, nonprofits, performers, political figures, and producers to give them the opportunity to reach a wider audience demographic.

Amber Karnish is the assistant education director at Fayetteville Public Television. She is a Northwest Arkansas native. From a very young age, she knew that cameras were going to play a big role in her life. She would always play with her parents home video camera, forcing her siblings to act in films. When she got into high school, she started taking video production classes and just couldn't get enough. Since then she has been creating short films, commercials, and etc. and has a huge passion to create.

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The City of Fayetteville contracts with a nonprofit organization, Your Media, to operate FPTV.